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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Banks' baptism

A few Sundays ago we went to Banks' baptism at Christ United Methodist Church and then a reception at Amanda's parent's beautiful new house. We were so honored to be a witness to such a special time for Amanda, Eric, and Banks. We love y'all and praise God for such a wonderful blessing!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pierce Dallis Ketchum

Our sweet friends Dallis and Christy Ketchum welcomed their first child to the world on Tuesday...Pierce Dallis Ketchum. I hope they don't mind posting his picture for all to see. He is so precious! The other pics are from Christy's baby shower several weeks ago. We are so happy for Christy and Dallis and praise God for such a sweet blessing!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Paxton Webb Naramore

My sweet friend Tanya gave birth to her first child, Paxton Webb Naramore on March 11. Since I was in Water Valley for the weekend, Mom and I got to go see Pax on Saturday. They live in Oxford and had just gotten home from the hospital. Tanya had a rough pregnancy and ended up having an emergency c-section, but Pax is happy and healthy so we are all very excited.
Tanya, Randell, and Pax

Cortney's reception

My dear friend Cortney got married March 13th in Tupelo. Her wedding was family only, but she had a wonderful reception afterwards that I attended. I have so many wonderful memories with Cortney and am so excited that she found Tim. They are such a wonderful couple! It was so great to see several of my high school friends there. I missed them dearly!

me and Cortney
me and Suzanne
Kellie, Karla, Tammy, me, Ashley
the Valley girls!!
Tim and Cortney

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Last Friday throught Wednesday, Rob's parents got to come during their spring break to visit us. We were both so excited since we don't get to see them much during the year. We had a wonderful time together. They flew in from San Antonio on Friday night. When we found out they were coming, we tried to figure out something that we could all do together that they don't have in San Antonio. Rob had taken me to Natchez during their spring pilgrimmage a few years ago around this time, so we thought that would be fun. Luckily the pilgrimmage started that Saturday. Rob can take off only one Saturday during tax season, so this was his day. We had such a great time touring the homes and going "back in time". We ate lunch that day at the Carriage House restuarant that is on Stanton Hall property. It was so good!! After a full day of touring, we drove back to Jackson. Sunday morning we all went to our church (Pear Orchard Presbyterian) together. That afternoon my parent's drove down and stayed the night with Joy and Louis. Our small Belhaven home couldn't fit everybody. Monday, Rob and I both had to work so my parents and the Hembree's spent the day together. Unfortunately, Wednesday was here before we knew it. We had a great time together and hopefully will see them sometime again this summer.
ones of these was Grant's carriage during his inaugurationMrs. Cindy and me on the grounds of Dunleith
Dunleith Plantationby the mighty Mississippi

that's a huge treeat Longwood