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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Rains Down In Africa

My friend Stephanie sent this to me. I LOVE IT!!! Made me cry thinking of my JOY! She will be back in the states in 3 weeks for Lindsay's wedding and I AM PUMPED!!


Rob and I are so excited to announce that we are expecting our first child. The baby is due June 2, 2011. As of today I am 11 weeks pregnant and looking forward to days that I can enjoy my food and not spend so much time looking down the toilet. I started getting sick around week 5 and haven't felt good since. I know this will pass and am hoping sooner than later. Below is my first ultrasound that was around 7 weeks. We got to hear the heartbeat on this visit and it was amazing. I had no clue we would be able to hear it that early. We had our 2nd appointment yesterday and got to hear the heartbeat again. It has to be the sweetest sound I've ever heard. My doctor said everything is looking good. Rob got more than he bargained for at the appointment...turns out I am Rh negative, so he had to get stuck so they will know what his blood type is. Not only am I excited that we are having this baby, I am thrilled because my friend Amanda is pregnant and 3 weeks ahead of me. This is her second baby, so I'm glad to have her as that support as we go through this together. Our kids will be instant friends:)

Friday, September 10, 2010

Kellie's wedding festivities

One of my best friends from high school, Dr. Kellie Burns got married in Water Valley last month. I was honored to be part of her special day. It was perfect. She was married at First Baptist and her reception was in downtown WV!! It was really cool. Here are some pics of her bachelorette party in Memphis, the rehearsal, bridesmaid brunch, and wedding.
Bachelorette party at Hard Rock on Beale
the valley girls Rob had to be the stand-in groom until the groom got there...
Rehearsal dinner at Emileigh's table in Taylor, MSmore valley girls:)bridesmaid luncheon in WV reminiscing about the good ole days!
taming the beast
thanks for the flipflops Kellie!
my other Kelley and Cohen!
this is what you do when you dressed are too long to dance

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

In July, Rob and I went to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico to celebrate my 29th birthday and our 3 year anniversary. We had a wonderful trip full of excitement. I managed to talk Rob into 2 full days of doing nothing but hanging out at the resort. He was a good sport, but I could tell he was itching to go do something. He found a website called Vallarta Adventures that offered many things to do while there. Enjoy our pics!
No, we did not take a cruise...
On our way to "Rhythm of the Night"
downtown Puerto Vallarta
While shopping in this store we came across a lady with an africa crocodile. She belonged to a animal rescue society. If you paid $3, you could get your picture made with the little natually I turned to Rob without hesitation and told him to give the lady her money! we walked by a wedding

hanging out at the resort