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Thursday, June 24, 2010

making a house a home

decorating our house has been quite say the least!
the orange couch LIVES!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Dragon Boat Regatta!

Several weeks ago Rob came home and asked me if I wanted to do a dragon boat regatta with him. Not really knowing what he meant, but wanting a challenge, I said yes. We also enlisted our friends' Carol Anne and Daniel to join in on the fun. The Regatta was sponsored by the Madison County Chamber and was at the reservoir. Our team was Zip39, which Rob is a member. Zip39 is a young professionals group. Racing was actually quite hard due to a storm coming that caused the water to be rough. Many boats flipped or just would sink due to too much water getting in the boat. Ours never did. We didn't win, but came in 5th out of 14 boats.
Carol Anne had her game face on at practice!
CA is in next to last row, I am in front of her, and Rob is in front of me...DK is on the other side

time to decorate

I have had fun decorating the little bit that I have done. The first two pics are the drapes I got for our bedroom. You can't really tell what they look like in the first one, so I took a close up. The next pic is after the entertainment center has been antiqued. Then I have a pic of the build-in bookshelf. The rest are of artwork I bought in Canton recently.

move-in day

I'm so sorry to my faithful followers for not blogging more...the past two months have been fun but very busy. We moved in our beautiful new home as soon as tax season was over...perfect timing:) As Rob's busy season was coming to an end, mine was getting started up. I was having to bring home my work everynight once we moved in so that I would get all my paperwork done before school was out for summer. Here are a few move-in pics...