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Monday, May 7, 2012

more Olivia at 11 months

Well I can't believe it! I was actually able to download more than 3 pics and my computer didn't lock up. Here are some pictures of the most adorable 11 month old girl you will lay your eyes on. We are so in LOVE with this girl and are enjoying seeing her little personality shine each day.

At 11 months, she can say dada, mama, byebye, and can babble a conversation with you. She can wave, clap her hands, walk behind a walker, and her latest trick is stand alone! She takes 4 bottles a day of around 4-6 ounces (she usually takes 7 ounces, but she seems to be getting herself ready to take away that bottle). She is a petite little girl. She weighs 17 pounds, 14 ounces. She is eating some "real" food and some stage 3 baby foods. She seems to be very much a picky her daddy. She loves green beans and baby food bananas..she will not eat a real banana. She wants to feed herself now and gets mad when mama pulls the spoon away from her. She loves to scream really loud for no reason at all. I blame this on my random outbursts of opera singing around the house. She never would take a paci until she turns 10 months. Now as soon as it pops out of her mouth she screams:( Her hair is so long already and she always pulls her bows out. She finally has figured out sippy cups, but would much rather spit the water out once it goes into her mouth. She has her daddy's beautiful blue eyes that make my heart melt. She sleeps all night and pretty much has since she was a month old. Her bedtime is 7:30 and she sleeps till 6:30. If she doesn't feel good, she will wake up in the night, but usually goes right back to sleep.

I can't believe how fast this year has been! I took her to see Dr. Chevalier (her wonderful pediatrician) today because I thought she had ear infections, but I was WRONG! She does have fluid on her ears, so he gave us some medicine that we are hoping will clear that up. Thursday we will go back if she doesn't seem better and if her ears are worse, he will send us straight to the ENT. Now, I know if I would have been blogging the past 11 months you would understand this a lot more. In a nut shell, Olivia has had several ear infections that she has a hard time getting over. Tubes are more than likely in our future.

Well, that's all for now. Enjoy these sweet pics!

Olivia at 11 months

Well, I guess I'm back for now. I'll just have to start at 11 months and someday in the future when we get a new better computer, I will back track Olivia's first 11 months of life. Here is a sneak peak of her at 11 months. I'll post more soon.