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Friday, May 29, 2009


Thanks to Joeli for posting this. It was so funny that I had to re-post it on our page. Enjoy!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

trip to Missouri

Back in April, Rob and his friends Tate and Todd decided to go to St. Louis to see the Cardinals play the Cubs. They went to 2 games (which the Cardinals won both) and had a blast. He took lots of pictures, so when I get a chance I'll post some. When they were planning their trip, I got this great idea that my cousin Joy and I could ride with them and they could drop us off in Cape Girardeau to see our friend Katie Bertrand. We had a great time!! Katie is due to give birth in June, but was such a great hostess. We went antique shopping around Cape and ate at some great restaurants. One day we drove to St. Louis (which is almost 2 hours from Cape) and went shopping. It was fun catching up with Katie and her husband Adam. We can't wait to meet Baby Bertrand.
to explain the Auburn flag.....Adam is an Auburn alum

I should have bought this to put in our yard!! We have problems in this area in our neighborhood.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Ole Miss Flash Rave

About 2500 Ole Miss students held a flash rave at JD Williams Library on May 6th (finals week). How fun! I don't recall this happening when I was a student there. Hotty Toddy!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Lloyd!

Today is my brother Lloyd's 30th birthday...gotta love this guy. He is spending his birthday camping at Gateway Canyon in Western Colorado. After that he starts his summer job as a park ranger at Rocky Mountain National Park. We love you so much Lloyd and hope you will fly south soon! yes, this is my brother!!

Walkin' in Memphis

Several weekends ago, Carol Anne and I took a trip to Memphis to visit our friend Ashley Hood. Hood is a speech pathologist like me and I owe her everything..she is probably the reason I graduated from Ole Miss. We had such a wonderful visit. We left on a Friday after work and Hood had supper waiting for us when we got there. The next day we did what any girl would do on a weekend getaway...we went to the spa and went shopping. I had a massage and was fabulous! That night we wanted to go eat downtown. I was determined to wear the new shoes that I had just bought. I accidently left my umbrella in Jackson and didn't think it would start raining...boy was I wrong. As soon as we pulled into the parking garage, the bottom fell out. CA and Hood had an umbrella (smart girls) and I tried to stay under them as much as possible, but I was getting so wet that it really didn't matter. We had to walk several blocks to get to the restaurant and we thought we could take a short cut through a shop, but they wouldn't let us. They did, however, give me a garbage bag to put over my head. I wore it like a poncho. The hardest part was walking in our shoes. Since we had the massage earlier, our feet were slippery and the rain made it extremely hard to walk. I was kinda hopping up and down flat-footed so my feet wouldn't fall out of the shoe. We were a sight to see when we finally got to the restaurant....completely soaked from the waist down. We didn't realize we needed a reservation to eat, but the guy felt so sorry for us that he sat us anyway....Sunday we went to Independent Presbyterian Church and heard a wonderful message. After lunch we headed back to Jackson. Thanks Hood for such a wonderful weekend! On our way back to Jackson, we stopped in WV to visit my friend Tanya and her sweet baby boy, Pax. He is the cutest little guy and Tanya is doing such a great job as her new role of mommy!!