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Thursday, June 28, 2012

girl's trip to OXFORD!

Last weekend was a BLAST! My best friends from college and I went to Oxford for a girls weekend. We stayed at my friend Amanda's condo and had so much fun remembering all the good times we had those four years while at Ole Miss. God blessed me so much when He directed these girls into my life. I couldn't have asked for more loving, smart, fun, forgiving, and truly selfless group of girls. We all (with the exception of Hood) ended up in Jackson and I'm so glad our children will get to grow up together.

Carol Anne was appointed driver of the trip since her car was the only one where car seats didn't have to be removed:) Friday night we went to eat at Boure'. It was delicious and we enjoyed our awesome view of the square while we waited for a table.  
 Saturday was spent SHOPPING, WALKING, and EATING...that's pretty much what we did the WHOLE DAY! It was fun and we all managed to find something:) We knew all our lifestyles were different when we spent more time at Square Books Junior than Neilsons. Hood and I were tired from all that shopping, so we decided we needed to take a break and chat with Mr. Faulkner.
For lunch, we stopped at my favorite restaurant, Ajax's. I had to get some sweet tea!

 I was beyond amazed that this phone actually worked...I mean, who uses a pay phone these days?
 That night we went to Taylor Grocery!! It was great.
 Sunday morning we ate at BIG BAD BREAKFAST. This wasn't there when we were in college, but it was awesome. Especially these chocolate chip and strawberry pancakes.
  Of course, we couldn't leave Oxford without stopping for lunch at South Depot Taco Shop.
 Carol Anne managed to pack up all our stuff beautifully.

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